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Interested in Joining Our Team?

Maitri is looking for per diem LVN’s and CNA’s to join our squad of focused, dedicated, caregivers. Click here if you’re interested, or contact David Hernandez, our clinical supervisor at

Maitri honored former Supervisor Jeff Sheehy

“Maitri honored former Supervisor Jeff Sheehy on Thursday, July 26, at a lovely reception with HAPN (HIV/AIDS Provider Network) members celebrating his accomplishments, including substantial new funds for the HIV+ community.  Thank you, Jeff Sheehy.  As usual, the kitchen staff at Maitri under Ann Kong performed another culinary feat. “

Demolition begins at downstairs Maitri for new businesses

CorePower Yoga is opening a new location in our building… soon to be joined by a new veterinarian in the adjacent storefront, also part of Maitri. Openings are planned for the Fall.  This is very exciting and positive.  We will keep you informed… This is how the road past Maitri looked in 1947, coming down…

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