Admissions Criteria

Prospective residents should meet the following general admissions criteria:

  • have an AIDS diagnosis or disabling HIV
  • be a San Francisco resident
  • be 18 years or older
  • requires 24-hour nursing or hospice care
  • have annual income of less than $34,800. (Note: one room is available for residents with income greater than $34,800)
  • accept admissions agreement

For more information about becoming a resident, please contact Su Yates  at (415) 558-3003 or for more information.

Levels of Care

Maitri is one of San Francisco’s most respected and valued resources in providing care to people severely debilitated by AIDS. Our current home on Duboce Avenue opened in 1997, after ten years as a residential hospice on Hartford Street. Maitri is licensed as a RCFCI (Residential Care Facility for the Chronically Ill), and offers an innovative, multi-focal program designed to meet the changing needs of people living with AIDS in a dignified and caring manner.

The two types of care offered at Maitri are:

  • Hospice care
  • Short term medical stabilization

Maitri’s comprehensive program includes these main components:

  • Access to multi-disciplinary care professionals including nurses, attendants, social workers, physicians, and psychiatrists
  • Single-occupancy room in a facility designed as a healing space, nurturing home, and functional dwelling
  • Spiritual and pastoral support
  • Emotional and practical support volunteers
  • Activities including art therapy, meditation, and body work
  • Home-cooked meals by a stellar kitchen staff and individual dietary plans to meet specific needs