Happy New Year!

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January 1, 2015
Happy New Year!


As we prepare to write another year (2015) into the history books I want to take a few moments to give thanks for Christmas Day and the special place that is Maitri….

To give thanks for our residents, for their fortitude and resilience in the face of overwhelming odds…

To give thanks for all our staff.. both those working that day, and those far away.. for their kindness and devotion to our residents EVERY day of the year not just the special ones!

To give thanks to our volunteers who spend their time with us regularly and who are helpful beyond measure…

There are so many wonderful memories to share from that day but here are a few that I will treasure:

Michael and Jerry coming to share in this special day at Maitri…

Seeing residents who don’t enjoy Christmas or the holiday season, tell staff that ‘strangers here that they have only known for 80 days have been kinder to them than those close to them”..

Looking around during the day and seeing what a family place Maitri is.. Being introduced to residents family as they had lunch with us..

Seeing the joy on residents faces for the gifts they received..

Getting to thank a mother and son for preparing toiletries for all our residents.

Watching the pride in their work the kitchen staff put in, from beautiful table cloths, to seasonal menu descriptions for the meal being prepared.

Seeing a volunteer customize her holiday donation, by purchasing slippers for all our gentlemen residents and also getting gifts for the husband of one of our ladies so that he would receive a gift.

Enjoying the musical group that came and shared holiday songs and cheer at a time when the festivities were winding down.

Maitri as we know is a special place every day.. We don’t take it for granted.. and I am so thankful for all the ingredients that make it such a wonderful place.

Happy New Year!

Madeleine Mulderrig
Volunteer/Activities Coordinator
Maitri Compassionate Care

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