My time as a Maitri volunteer began with a two-weekend long volunteer training. It was a lot of time, but it was so worth it. I have attended a tremendous slew of orientations, and Stan (the volunteer coordinator) puts together one of the best–not too cheesy, not too boring, and with good catered food! He skillfully brings the group through considering the emotional, spiritual, practical, clinical, intellectual, and even fun aspects of hospice volunteering. He also helps maintain a very gentle and open environment throughout discussion of deeply personal and emotional topics.

I went on to volunteer at Maitri for two years, and I found it to be an immensely rewarding experience. I highly recommend volunteering at Maitri if you are interested in end of life care, HIV/AIDS, or simply contributing to the San Francisco LGBT community.

The residents and staff at Maitri are amazing. Stan is probably the most wonderful, attentive, warmhearted, and humble volunteer directors you will ever interact with.  If you are considering volunteering in SF, I HIGHLY recommend donating your efforts to Mai

Leah R.

Leah R.

San Francisco, CA

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